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Jobs Ahoy

I met with my ex-boss today and the meeting went well. He didn't object to anything on my resume and even suggested some things I could add, which was really good. It means that I can try to get a job above entry level this go round having some experience under my belt. That's good. He also suggested some potential stuff that could be interesting, and I came up with a BRILLIANT new idea for a script that I think could be pitched very well, but I'd need a gay writing partner and ironically I don't really know any gay writers in real life. Too bad.

I'm really tired these days. Could be the heat, could be the fact that I haven't fixed my sleeping pattern from the ankle injury. I'm also so obsessed with writing I don't want to go out and see anybody at all. Hmm.

Happiness is an hour of wakefulness with closed eyes and a fluffy pillow.
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