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With apologies to rpeate

Restaurant Review: Yo Mama.

I wanted something different to eat yesterday, so I thought, why not Yo Mama. I know you used to eat there a lot when you were young, so young that all you could handle was some milk, but I've never tried Yo Mama.

When I got there I have to say I was pretty impressed. Yo Mama looks good. For a 40-something year old institution I have to say that Yo Mama has kept in shape. Seriously, Yo Mama is well put together.

The seating was adequate. I wanted to dine Al Fresco, and I was seated pretty close to Yo Mama. I have to say that I wish I had been a little closer, though, because I couldn't smell Yo Mama, and from what I've heard Yo Mama smells absolutely delicious.

I was asked what I wanted pretty quickly and though the menu wasn't large there were some pretty appetizing things on it. I was in a sort of surf and cluck mood so I said I wanted to start with maybe some breast meat, and move on to like a fish taco or a clam. Yo Mama has a great fish taco, I've heard. Yo Mama brought out the breast meat pretty quick, and I have to admit it tasted good. It was succulent and juicy, something I get my mouth around and just slurp up, you know? A little salty, but that's to be expected. Yo Mama's been serving it to the neighborhood kids for years, and they all know what they're in for when they sample Yo Mama's breast meat.

Next came the fish taco and while it looked a little, well, old it was pretty good. Yo Mama says on the menu to dig right in, so I did, and it was as soft and moist as advertised. I really liked the feel of it, one of the best I've had. I have to say that Yo Mama did not disappoint.

The service was good. In fact I can honestly say I can't remember the last time I was serviced as well as I was with Yo Mama. The price was great too. It was so low I tried to tip, but I was told that Yo Mama doesn't accept tips. Yo Mama's slogan is "Service is a passion" and Yo Mama stands by that.

Will I be back to sample Yo Mama's goods again? I already have reservations for next week. For a good time, friendly atmosphere, and pleasurable experience at a rock-bottom price Yo Mama simply cannot be beat.
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