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Help me Rhonda

Despite not being depressed I am still feeling like a shitty talentless writer and feeling more and more like I should just find some dead end job so that I can feed and clothe myself on my long lonely march to an anonymous death. But in a totally upbeat positive way!

I'm not sure what to blame this on. I vacillate almost hourly between feeling talented and intelligent and feeling like a complete and utter poseur. It's not a fun series of vacillations.

One potential fix to this problem would be to buy an air conditioner. An air conditioner would allow me to get better sleep (heat interferes and fans dry out my mouth) and probably lift my mood some. I have two relatively small rooms to air condition so I don't need anything super powerful, just a simple small window unit. Anyone have any suggestions about good brands or online shops (Electronics shopping in NYC is usually expensive, unless you go to Chinatown or Flushing, where there are other issues.)?

The future of the galaxy may depend on it. You are our last hope.
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