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Today's episode brought to you by TNT. We know crap.

The following is an actual viewer advisory warning from real professional television.

"The following program may contain content that is sensitive to some viewers. Parental discretion is advised."

Content that is sensitive to some viewers? Really? Is the content going to cry if it's viewed by the wrong people? Will the program be stopped so it can yell "Stop looking at me. STOP LOOKING AT ME?"

Content can't be sensitive to anything. Viewers can be sensitive to content, and a warning about that might go "The following program may contain content that some viewers are sensitive to." But writing it so it makes sense would be HARD, right producer person? It's much easier to just swap out offensive and swap in sensitive without doing the work to rewrite the WHOLE sentence.

Here's a question: Can a program that follows such a SHITTY advisory warning possibly be good?
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