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I had a headache so I took a nap.

During this nap I had a long and INCREDIBLY intense dream about going shopping for dessert. Most of the stores in my area were closed on a Sunday night (should have been a tipoff, the supermarket near me only closes on national holidays) and I found this new little shop I hadn't been in before. I went in and looked around before seeing this big chocolate cake on a high freezer shelf for only $8.99. It looked incredible, and there was nothing else there dessertish. I got in line, got up to the counter, and told the counter guy I wanted a cake. He told me there was a 2 year waiting period but he'd take my name if I wanted. Naturally I demurred (I wanted chocolate immediately, not in two years) and he said "Oh I guess you'll probably be moved away by then anyway." In the dream I assumed he thought I was a graduating college student.

After I left that place it was raining, and I walked alone through the cold rain to a 24 hour drug store that really exists. I went in and the radio was talking about the bad weather. The clerk was talking loudly about sports. I spent the next 15 minutes or so carefully picking through the candy aisle. They had a bunch of normal stuff, like Hershey bars and 100 Grand and stuff, and also some candies I'd never heard of. I ended up selecting three of these and as I went up to the counter someone text messaged my cellphone to tell me that someone had been seriously injured by the cake I had wanted to buy, not poisoned but injured when an unsecured slab of cake fell on them.

Then I woke up feeling guilty for having bought so much candy and crap. Dream candy, all the guilt, none of the taste. WHO WANTS SOME?

Anyway I don't know what it means other than I love sweets, which was already known to me. The other potential thought I had was it was some sort of reference to food as adventure, since I was going out on a dark and stormy night to look for exotic sweets, but man is that sad. That's so sad.

I've recently had some food...epiphanies...and I guess this might just be my psyche working through its issues while I snooze, but if there was ever a fat-man's dream this was it. No hot girls. No imminent danger. No pantslessness. Just candy.

Oh, and I dream in color. Bright brilliant color. With really good camera angles. Just thought you'd want to know.

P.S. The Clash is a really good band. I avoided them for a long time since my mom's first boyfriend after my dad's death gave me Sandinista to try and forge a bond, but that's not the Clash's fault, that's his fault. The Clash is blameless, and I feel sad that 80's music was so crappy compared to some of the creativity during the '70s. I guess we had the birth of hip hop, but how can hip hop compete with The Right Profile ? It cannot.

I am so white.
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