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She nursed him there, overnight.

School has started and I've done okay. So far. Lit-Hum was was Ho-Hum. The professor seemed alright, although some of his attempts to dazzel and amuse fell flat for me. The kids there seem so young, and I know they're not. They're like 17 and 18 with probably a few 19s thrown in for kicks, and I'm only 19 myself. We're not talking a big gap but it seems like a yawning maw. I've been through so much in the past two years that I just have a completely different perspective than I used to. The professor seemed to agree with some of my comments but I get the feeling he doesn't like me. That's okay though. The paper load for that class is 5 2 page literary papers. That's like NOTHING for me. I can sleepwalk through that. The question is whether I will be able to sit down and focus enough to just get it done, but I think so. I think I'm going to be okay this time. Of course almost everyone thinks they are going to be okay before the crash. Otherwise nobody would crash...right? I mean they would turn away and not hit the wall.

I am going to Fiction Writing soon. I'll probably leave the house in 5 minutes so I can drop by the bookstore to grab some of the stuff I need. Or not. I'm not sure yet. I might wait until after class and buy it then when I have a more functional knowledge of what I need. I hate shopping and vastly prefer to do it all in one fell swoop. I need to start doing some reading tonight because I can't let myself fall behind. That is of great importance. Hee-Ann called me to cancel our class together so I might be teaching one on my own if they'll let me. Might be a bit more than I want to do though, a bit too tough. We'll see, I'll decide. This transition from vacation to school has been fairly smooth and for that I am grateful. 15 weeks, that's it. That's like nothing. 15 weeks used to seem like such a long time to me but now it's a breeze. I could do it walking on my hands. And I can finish 1/6th of my college education in these 15 weeks. That's just amazing. I'm happy about that. I will finish school a little later than I had expected but definitly within the acceptable time frame all things considered. THat's good. Now if I can start getting a grip on social stuff. That's the last piece of the puzzle for now except finding a new place to live. But to do that I'd probably have to transfer to another school and I ain't sure that I want to do that just yet.

One day at a time Benny Boy. You're not even done with today's scholarly pursuits. Don't worry about grad school or a career or the fact that you're not going to have any grandkids when you retire. One day at a time. Fiction writing draws close. This is the biggest challenge of the day. If I can get through this class okay....I think I can make it through the school year. One semester two semester three semester four. Get the diploma and head out the door. Then fall on your ass flat on the floor, and end up on the streets as a cheapass manwhore.

But for now, let's just worry about Fiction Writing ENGL W1014 Sec001 Instructor: Raymond Kennedy Attempted Points 3.00 Meeting Schedule: Tue/Thur 4:10 PM-5:25 PM 408a Philosophy Hall.

One step at a time.
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