Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

My Eyes Never Forget You See

Wow, what a day. It started out fairly calmly with Spanish only taking a few minutes and Logic and Rhetoric going off almost without a hitch. Then I went to my Fiction Writing workshop and was hit with a bomb. We need to compete for spots in that class. There are like 23 people and 11-12 spots. I didn't have a writing sample handy (I haven't written anything in years, if I was writing well why would I want to take an entry level writing class? Wouldn't I go for something more advanced? Whatever) so I rushed home and started hammering one out, only interupted by my Social Psychology (4th of the day) class which was the only REAL class I had yesterday and which was pretty interesting but I was distracted and exhausted and very stressed about the sample.

I dropped by the Columbia bookstore on my way home and they want me to spend 110 bucks to buy 2 books I already have and one tiny little thin book that's bundled with them. They also didn't have the Lit-Hum stuff out in any sort of reasonable to find location, but I'm used to that.

I headed back home and started back on the story, and my mother came home and wanted me to set up her printer. I kept telling her I had work to do but she didn't give a fuck. I kept doing small things and telling her to do the rest herself, but this woman is SO incompetant with computers and SO pushy. I sent the story off to Jeff for editing and when he called she started SHRIEKING at me about the printer, telling me to get out of the house if I wasn't going to fix it and calling me all sorts of names. I do need to get out of the house. Jeff wasn't much of a safe haven as he started out his critique of the story by saying "Get a pen, because you have some marking to do" which is not what I wanted or expected to hear. I thought that it was an interesting, subtle, well written story. Sure I was taking a risk, stepping outside the boundaries of the writing process slightly, but I liked it. Jeff did not. He complimented a few small details but basically avoided saying anything about the piece on its own. Whatever, it hurt, a lot, a whole lot, but at least I did get some good small edits from him. He said he'd call again last night with the rest but he didn't. Whatever again, I understand he's busy and that this was a last minute thing from me (not that I blame myself for that because it was a last minute thing FOR me too. I didn't know we would need to submit a sample and especially not that QUICKLY and I didn't know that this class was so damned hard to get into. Under half the applicants selected. That's such bullshit.)

So I've got this story which I should polish before I submit it, I've got 3 classes today, I have the stress of getting into this writing class which I know will crush me if I am rejected.

School has ramped up VERY quickly this year. But at least I'm better this morning than I was last night. Yeesh. Maybe taking 20 points WAS foolish. Oh well, if I get rejected from the writing class then at least I will only have 17 points. Always look on the bright side of life eh?

I should be okay once I get into a rythm. Need to find a rythm. And if my mother gets kidnapped. Need my mother to get kidnapped.

P.S. In the writing class application group there is a kid from my high school named Lamar Bruce. I didn't want that to happen. I don't really like Lamarr and he won some contests in high school but I've never really liked his writing either. If he gets in and I don't I shall be even more depressed. If we both get in then there will be tension.

Another thing that really upsets me is that Jeff doesn't think I will get into the class. He doesn't like this story and he's said he's liked other stuff I've written but I'm most proud of this one. Grr. I dunno, I think I might question his literary tastes but it still hurts anyway. I'm not going to work on the story before I get back from Spanish. That will give me 2 hours. Should be enough to finish polishing and submit it to the wolves. Right now I should study for Spanish some. If the work world is anywhere near as nasty and stressful as the academic world I wanna be a vagrant.
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