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10 Reasons why people hate you

Mmm Bop is not a ring tone. It's a cry for help.

Butt crack may be the new cleavage but unkempt pubic hair is SO not the new long bangs.

Your "New Fragrance" is actually Duck Sauce, and WE ALL KNOW IT.

You're always bragging about the time you slept with the lead singer of Soft Cell. Newsflash, Tainted Love was over 20 years ago. You weren't even born yet. It's not cool, it's not sexy, it's sad.

See if you can solve this anagram: WIPE YOUR ASS!!

You want more money? You know what? Fuck the children. Fuck them in the ass.

Yes we're going to eat that. We were going to eat that yesterday we're going to eat that tomorrow. We're always going to eat that.

A butt slap is a compliment. Pressing charges? So not cool.

Spelchk is yur frend.

Chew, swallow, then talk. Is it that hard?
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