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I bought a website

I thought Livejournal was supposed to be this big emo pity party where everyone gets together to sob on each other's shoulders. I thought I was amongst the teen angst capital of the web. Yet when I post "I'm sick and depressed" what do I get?

"Oh yeah, you're depressed? Why don't you get a job you LOSER. Hey asshole you want something to be depressed about? There are CHILDREN starving in Africa you fat fuck. Did you think of that? Getting sick is for GIRLIE MEN! Are you a girl? Do you want a DRESS Nancy? How about a nice TAMPON?" Frankly I'm surprised my cat is still alive. What, nobody wanted to drive to New York with a carving knife and bad intentions to show me what true sadness is? You people are harsh. If Anne Frank had been trapped in an attic with you for a couple of weeks her diary would have been significantly different. "After all this shit I have come to believe that people are assholes at heart. Total fucking assholes. Especially the gays. The Nazis are going overboard with the whole Jew/Gypsy thing but the gays have it coming. Stop making fun of my clothes you bastards! I'm a freaking war refugee, I can't always match the shoes to the handbag. I woke up last night and drederick was licking me. I think he's stealing my panties. Sometimes I wish the Nazis would just come take me. I mean how bad can a concentration camp really be?"

Not that I resent it or anything. Bring the heat, I can take it, it's just not what I was expecting. Anyway, I went and spent a little under $200 on enough domain names and web hosting to last me for about a year I reckon. It's going to absolutely murder my porn budget, but we must sacrifice erotic pleasure for art. Or rather I must sacrifice erotic pleasure for art. Successful artists get to fuck whoever they want. They fuck models. I can't even afford to look at models naked anymore. I hate those successful bastards. They're all gay anyway.

Anyway I feel a little better having a more public spot on the web. I don't expect it'll ever become a major destination, but if I could make it a place people find worth checking out, maybe get a few links from, it would at least allow me to develop a portfolio of work that I could use to get an actual job in my field, so it's an investment in my future, and that's a better use of my funds than a lot of the entertainment stuff I do anyway.

Am I over my head? Absolutely. I'm going to have to brush up my HTML, learn graphic design, work on promotion and other stuff, all the while continuing to send out resumes around town and work on my writing and...oy who has time to masturbate with that kind of workload? But it's good. Because whatever happens I'll gain skills and knowledge that might stand me in good stead in the future, and I'll be working towards my goal. I'm still young, I may have years of failure ahead of me before I break in and I HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT. And I do. So I'll work as hard as I can and hope that it pays off. That's the only way to go.

I'm not going to share the sitename(s) I purchased just yet because they aren't ready to be set up, but I'm hoping to put 2-3 polished humor and other pieces up every week after I get going. Rest assured for anyone who was worried that I will post information on updates here. Nobody was worried but I like to feed my ego and right now it could use feeding.

A Bert cannot live on babies alone, and I ain't getting laid.
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