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Vitamins! VITAMINS!

Watching Tom Cruise on the Today Show is not something I'd do intentionally, but I flipped the TV on and there he was talking to Matt Lauer, so I rewound to the beginning of the conversation and watched. I wanted to get a feel for what Cruise is really saying and where he's coming from. What I saw surprised me a little.

Tom Cruise is a not-that-bright guy who wants to think of himself as really smart. That seems to be pretty much it. Watching him talk to Lauer about psychiatry and continually bring up that "He had done the research" and "If you look at the studies you'll see..." you could tell how important it was to him to be taken seriously. Of course he hasn't actually done the necessary research and the science he keeps bringing up is actually just L. Ron Hubbard mumbo jumbo, but it put a different spin on things for me. Tom Cruise wants to be a smart kid. He's joined this religion that claims to have all these secrets, he's taken lots of classes and read lots of books, and now he wants to share his 'knowledge' with others and the world. It's like some big identity crisis where being a huge movie star isn't enough for him. We often think of these celebrity types as happy because they have everything and are adored by millions and whatnot, but human frailty will find a way to out itself no matter what your position in the world. Demons must be fought internally, not externally. Tom Cruise is passionately advocating what he believes, not just to spread the gospel but to show that he's bright and can lead too damn it. High school dynamics in middle age...

As for the Katie Holmes thing, I don't know about that. Maybe she is just a beard, maybe he's desperate to believe he's in love, maybe maybe...ahh fuck it.

But Tom Cruise wants to be the smart kid. As an ex-smart kid that's interesting to me.


Cheney: "We will succeed in Iraq, just like we did in Afghanistan."

SWEET! Heroin and warlord rule for EVERYONE. Now THAT'S a sexy PARTY!
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