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And her favorite dress is her faded Blue Jeans

I've finally adjusted to Garth Brooks enough that I can actually enjoy the music. That is scary.

I got a new Keyboard and mouse. They are like heaven. Butter in my hands.

I got rejected from the fiction writing class. I am dealing with it well. The way I figure it there are 3 things I can think.

A) I just am not a good enough writer to get in.

B) I was really stressed during the tiny amount of time that I had to do my work and it made for a not so great story.

C) The professor wasn't in the right mood for what I wrote/is a bad judge of writing/didn't read it because of presentation (single spaced and on wierd paper. It was on the bottom of the pile)

I choose to believe a bit of B and C. I think I am good enough to be in that class and I think the reason I didn't show that is because I had little time to prepare in a very stressful situation. I am okay with not getting in. REally I am.

I am not sure what to do next. Add another class? Some extra-cirricular stuff? I think the latter. I don't feel like journaling right now because I am a little sick. And tired from all that schooling. But I will over the weekend.
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