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My Hetero Mancrush* Larry David has another post up on the Huffington Post. It's not exactly genius but it's an entertaining read and it ends extremely well with the one example of what the Bushies have given America in a positive way. Of course Mr. David gets my thanks for whatever he writes, because when it's genius then he has birthed genius into the world and when it's less than genius he makes me more confident. Larry David CANNOT LOSE in my book.

*A hetero mancrush is a non-sexual admiration that has many of the markings of a crush. For example you are constantly on the lookout for mention of the person, you can talk about him for extended periods of time, and the thought of meeting or speaking with him makes you both nervous and excited. It generally occurs among geeky males looking for role models who managed to make it in the world as a geeky male and produce works of genius or great aesthetic value.
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