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Me so sogynist.

Some, or possibly none, of you may have noted that I have shifted the "targets" of my humorous screeds away from those who mock homosexuality and towards a broader range of groups, specifically anti-feminist conservatives and those who judge the poor harshly. Doing this means that, due to my current style, I'm writing more about women and heterosexual behaviors than I had been. This is for a bunch of reasons, for one writing incessantly about homosexuality seemed to be a bit too much, for another writing about women is much more fun because women are sexy and gays are...not. Women have fun parts like vaginas and breasts to think about. Gays do not. Get the picture? Finally I thought that perhaps if writing about gays attracts homosexual readers (YES) writing about women would attract women readers (NO). It was worth a shot.

Writing edgily about a group that you aren't a part of is a risky proposition in our society. There's a lot of PCness and fear of offending. I don't like getting caught up in that but I don't want to hurt people either, it's a tough line to walk. I firmly believe that the only way we can really get past prejudice is if everyone is allowed to confront and discuss it, not just members of aggrieved groups. That's why as a fat Jew I don't write primarily about fat Jewish issues. That would be ghettoizing my words into the convenient group I fit into. I don't think that's productive.

Anyway I was interested if people had any reaction to the new style and how it's working so far. So I made a poll. It's what I do. Don't judge me. The Nazis judged my people. Are you a Nazi?

Now I'm off to a Chelsea Best Buy to pick up my air conditioner I ordered. I have a feeling it's going to be like Gaymart down there. Oh well.

Poll #522358 Polls are fun

How do you feel about the shift?

I like it, it is fresher and edgier
It's okay, women are purdy
Annoying, more GAY please
Horrible, horrible, horrible
I had not noticed
I'm trying to care less, but I cannot

How do you feel about humor regarding groups one is not a part of

It's great, I'm a huge racist!
It can be good so long as it's not sincere in its prejudice
It makes me uncomfortable, too edgy, I always liked that Jay Leno
It's horribly offensive loathsome stuff.
I have no opinion on this matter. I am above the law.

Do I suck at life?

Maybe not

Anything else to add?

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