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Calling all moon theorists

The most tragic thing about the London bombings won't be the few dozen British lives taken by the terrorists (as horrible as that is) but rather the potential for millions of Africans to continue starving and dying of AIDS thanks to the disruption of the G8 summit. That's not to say I believe that the summit would have gone swimmingly for them if not for the attacks, but whatever hope Live 8 had of pushing things in the right direction probably went up in a bang with those buses. Blair's had to go back to London, and surely terrorism will become even more of a focus now.

That being said, I am sure some conspiracy theorists will claim that someone, either agents of a G8 government or international business interests, is using the bombings to take attention/pressure away from the summit and the developing world. It's not that crazy a claim if you really think about it. If big tobacco is any indicator then killing 40+ people and injuring a thousand or so wouldn't be out of the question for a mainstream company or group in search of higher profits. Now perhaps the mere publicity of the summit was enough to lure terrorists who would have attacked anyway to make a statement, but if so their actions were a little ridiculous. Bombing London would make sense, it would still be an atrocity but it would make sense, if the G-8 summit were in London. Instead it's sort of nearby. Perhaps it could be merely an attack on England for daring to hose the summit, but then why the transportation system, why not a bank or a national monument? Because it's convenient?

I'm not saying I believe that anyone beyond the usual suspects had a hand in these attacks, but I expect others will think so, and if it turned out they were right I would not be shocked beyond all reason.

One thing's for sure, it's a sad reminder of how much easier it is to focus on a few scores of deaths close to home than the millions that occur far away from the TV cameras and people we know. I feel for those injured in the London bombings. I feel for those starving or dying of AIDS in Africa. Both groups are victims today.
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