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Dr. Phil is a huge Douche: reason #1212431

One of my dirty secrets is that I sometimes watch bits of Dr. Phil's television program on CBS 2. I do it for the same reason I listen to Rush Limbaugh or read, to know how the other side thinks and get a little bit of outrage going. Today, though, he crossed a line that's scummy even for him.

When speaking of a teenage girl who died from binge drinking he said to the parents: "I can't even imagine what you are going through having lost a daughter who was...just look at the obviously beautiful." She was indeed a very pretty girl but...WHO CARES? Why is it that these people always focus on how beautiful or handsome a dead young person was? If an ugly young person dies do the parents just shrug and go "Well he was my son but did you see those teeth? Kinda glad I don't have to look at them at the dinner table anymore."

Talk about a dead person's character, intelligence, dignity, whatever. Talk about how much they were loved. But talk about their physical appearance? Is this a funeral or a pick-up bar?

Dr. Phil, you are a beautiful beautiful DOUCHE BAG.
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