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Basic update


M. Night Shanana's "The Village" should never, ever, have gotten out of script development in that shape. What were they thinking? It's not just that the 'twist ending' is so obvious from early on that I only figured out it was supposed to be a big twist when I read reviews after seeing it, it's also that every single line of dialog needed a rewrite, at least until the last 10 minutes. I honestly thought there was going to be some "Dark City*" action going on there based on how stilted and ridiculous the speech was. I can understand a few potential explanations one could throw out, but they don't matter because it makes the film LAME. I've never been a big fan of Shyamalan, but this film was SO BAD. At least Signs had engaging performances and an interesting setting to go along with its terrible plot. At least Unbreakable seemed like it was going to go somewhere awesome before it...didn't.

I wonder if "Those we don't speak of" were supposed to represent the movie critics who Shyamalan must have known were going to rip this piece of shit to shreds.

Today absolutely sucked. It was spent watching plumbers to make sure they didn't steal anything, and searching for my god damned cat who I was sure had escaped based on the fact that she vanished as they arrived and wasn't seen after. She was just hiding it turns out. Where? I have no clue. The whole thing gave me a migraine. Tomorrow they replace the toilet and I can start to pretend this whole shitty ordeal is over, which it isn't really because the new tiles look like absolute crap.

It always amazes me when Libertarian types don't see the potential for the tyranny of wealth. Why is it better to have a rich man can take your land or imprison your husband than to have the government do it? People who think things were better before we had heavy governmental involvement in people's lives should probably take a moment to think about frontier "justice" and the days of the robber barons. None of them had to work 12 hour days in a coal mine just to fall deeper and deeper in debt.

*A film that's about 1 billion times better
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