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Ann, oh ANN!

Ann Coulter claims that if New York City was attacked by terrorists it would immediately surrender.

Wow. I guess the firefighters and cops who ran into the World Trade Center were from Texas. I hadn't realized.

The conservatives do enjoy having it both ways. Rich people generate wealth and drive the economy. They are the greatest Americans bar none. New York City, Manhattan specifically, has one of, if not the, highest concentration of rich people in the country and the world. Therefore New York City must be full of the most virtuous and...hold on...they're liberals and they vote against war and torture?

New York City is full of cheese eating surrendermonkeys!

I'd point out the logical fallacy, but most readers of Ann Coulter despise logic. Suffice it to say that it is a well known fact that to make it in New York you need to be a lily livered coward with no initiative or fight in you.
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