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That's our government

I love our government. According to an article on National Guardsmen were stationed at the Superdome to make sure nobody brought in guns, knives, or drugs. Now guns and knives makes perfect sense. It's a stressful enclosed environment, tempers will flare, you don't want anyone getting shot or stabbed. Certain drugs might also be a problem. Cocaine makes you hyper and paranoid. Angel Dust can give people such a high that getting shot won't stop them. Those might not be safe to have around either.

But who brings PCP to a hurricane shelter?

I also wonder whether the recent changes in airport security were implemented and people were allowed to bring bow and arrow sets or throwing stars. "Sir the throwing stars can go in, but you're going to have to give me the Chronic. You can take in your bow and enough arrows to kill everyone, but the hydroponic shit cannot come inside."

No what the national guardsmen are really searching for is pot. Marijuana. If there's one drug that SHOULD be allowed in a hurricane shelter it's pot. Mellows you out, helps you pass the time, makes the ceiling a hell of a lot more interesting than it is sober. Why in the middle of a hurricane the national guard should be worried that someone is going to light up a doobie is beyond me. Are they scared that the munchies will deplete food stores? Maybe they just don't want to see anyone else having a good time while they stand around in their uniforms waiting for the hurricane to end so they can go to Iraq. It's time for the government to take a step back and realize that drugs really aren't that big a deal in most circumstances. Crack didn't cause violence because it was crack, it caused violence because it was illegal. Snort that and get back to me.

Speaking of government, by the way, George Bush's address about the hurricane must have been the single worst speech ever given by a U.S. president. He mumbled something indistinct about how the federal government has resources to assist people after the hurricane and to listen to local authorities, and then started talking about immigration. No "We will ride this storm out and rebuild." No confidence boosting specifics of what's being mobilized. Just a "Yeah you guys are having a bad time, we'll help you after it's over, now let's talk about the real threat. Mexicans. Filthy Mexicans. Mexicans will take your job faster than a hurricane can, I tell you what. Don't talk to me about our oil production crisis, there's Mexicans coming over the fences right as we speak. MEXICANS GOD DAMN IT. MEXICANS."

How anyone can say this guy is a leader with a straight face is a question I can't answer.
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