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Throw me to the wolves because there's order in the pack

The hardest part of grief is acceptance. People want us to accept that we can't fight violence with violence, that we should start diplomacy and talks and not let things turn into a cycle of violence. They want us to accept that these TERRIBLE acts will go without a real price paid. I for one am not CLOSE to ready to accept that. Maybe it's true, maybe the best solution is just to respond to hate and violence with openness and talk. But if it is, what kind of a world is that? The U.S. wasn't built on Buddhism it was built on Christianity and the Judeo/Christian mythos has a LOT of wrath in it. Now the Muslim faith is also an offshoot of Judaism and thus contains similar tenents, but the thing is that WE don't dance in the streets when they die and WE have long drawn out discussions pleading for clemency and understanding and all that stuff. They operate in smaller cells that have NO such rationalizing influences. So while Arab people in general are good and kind and reasonable and worthy of life and peace and all that other stuff, the small hate cells which do these things are not. And they CANNOT be allowed to be protected or harbored. They must be decimated before they kill again because there is no justice once the act is done. There probably aren't 10,000 serious terrorists in the world. That means that even if we kill ALL of the guilty it won't even be trading a life for a life. And a terrorist life is NOT worth a civilian life. We should hunt them down and lock them up, and do what needs to be done to get roadblocks to our doing so out of the way.

And yes, we don't even know if it was arabs. But it COULD have been. And the terrorist cells REMAIN a terrible threat. They need to be destroyed. They say that members of the Jihad are not afraid of dying, so jail them. And I don't believe that people are unafraid of dying. Nobody wants to die. There's no reward waiting at the end for them anyway.

Civilized response or base rage? Which is better?

Which can make it all alright again?


Accepting is the hardest part. I have to go to school today and try to focus on OTHER THINGS. I don't want to focus on other things. I don't want to let go yet.

Because we all take comfort in this distraction from our silly lives in a way, the weak have a chance to be strong and the meek to be brave. But also because I don't want to step out of the world of innocence. Into a world where every plane that flies overhead could be headed towards some target where thousands of innocent people mill about trying not to be afraid.

Nobody is sane about this yet.
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