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Pray for a better solution

As New Orleans is deluged by water the governor of Louisiana has suggested something that the rest of us can do to help the people under siege there.


That's right. Get down on your hands and knees and call out to the creator for relief. No, put those cans of food down. Put away your checkbook. Don't even think of trying to go down there and help. Just pray.

When are we, as a society, going to stop pretending that there's a God out there who gives a damn what we ask of him. The more rational of us have already abandoned the idea of some big guy with a white beard in the sky for the unfortunate reality that the only entity looking out for us is an Irish blowhard with a luffa fetish.

Even if there is a god he clearly doesn't hear our prayers. Do people think that those who have died in New Orleans so far, mostly poor and black and therefore likely religious, weren't praying as the waters swept them to their deaths? Does anyone believe that a hurricane punishes only the wicked? What kind of insanity is required to believe that you can make water drain upwards from a bowl by asking for help from some guy who died almost 2000 years ago?

I frankly think that public exhortations to prayer violate the first amendment, after all nobody wants Ganesh to help out, only the J-man. More importantly they violate reality and common sense. You know what will save human lives? Canned food, medicine, helicopters, tents, and sandbags. Christ? He'll just continue being dead.

When the media reports on crazy people requesting that others join their insanity and ask Jesus for help they reveal just how shallow any liberal bias is. It's time for those of us in the rational part of the country to openly admit there IS NO GOD. If there was a God HE WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAS HAPPENED. Do you think he's going to change his mind just because a bunch of turdblossoms ask him to?

If the governor of an affected state happens to read this, when you talk to the media ask people to send food, equipment, medicine, or other necessary supplies. Ask those nearby to open their homes to those in need of shelter. Ask everyone to open their wallets so the Red Cross and other organizations who believe in God and actually DOING SHIT can help those in need. Don't ask people to get down on their knees and scream into the void. It's a waste of time, energy, and a violation of reality and reason.

We're an accident of nature on a spinning mud ball somewhere in the vastness of space. The only sentient creatures we can count on are each other. Maybe if we actually accepted this we could stop blowing one another up and fighting over bullshit and get around to the hard hard work of getting along and helping one another out.

Just a thought.
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