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Reverse the fantasy

As an atheist I have long scoffed at the concept of the anti-Christ. It was just religious mumbo jumbo with no more reality to it than the superstitions about walking under ladders or black cats crossing your path.

Then came Bush.

I'm not saying George Bush is the anti-christ. I don't believe in God or the devil, and I think Bush is very much a creature of flesh and blood. He is a person. A person who will never be held responsible, even by his own conscience, for the evil acts he has committed, but a person nonetheless.

On the other hand...if I WERE the religious type...

George Bush ascended to political prominence at the start of the new the Anti-Christ was supposed to.

George Bush cloaks himself in claims of righteousness and Christianity...just like the Anti-Christ was supposed to.

George Bush routinely flashes the "Hook em Horns" Texas Longhorns symbol. This is a widely acknowledged symbol for satan.

George Bush was hell-bent (pun intended) on getting involved in the Middle East from day one of his presidency. The final apocalypse is supposed to occur in the Middle East.

George Bush has steered America towards disaster and decline, destabilizing the world with it. He claims this is to help establish American hegemony. The Anti-Christ is supposed to either unite the world under one government or bring it to apocalyptic war.

George Bush grins and gapes during times of great tragedy. He seems to take pleasure in suffering.

George Bush puts incompetent people in critical positions leading to great amounts of death and suffering. His handpicked heads of FEMA and Homeland Security dropped the ball on the apocalyptic events in New Orleans leading to at least hundreds, if not thousands, of preventable deaths. He seemed to find this greatly amusing until recently when he has managed to reign it in. Does George Bush love watching people die?

George Bush is adept at one thing, lying and misleading the public. The Devil is the prince of lies.

George Bush is not bothered by death. After Katrina he talked about Iraq, not the gulf coast. Human lives seem utterly valueless to George Bush.

Would it be that much of a stretch of the imagination to see Bush as the anti-christ? Can't you just imagine him turning on CNN after the levees burst (while his buddy Chertoff claimed Homeland Security had no way of knowing the things clearly broadcast on the nation's television sets) slipping down his pants, grabbing his penis in one hand and tracing the destruction with the other, and pumping himself to climax while he watched the death and destruction unfold? Can't you picture him cumming on the face of the man they showed over and over talking about how his wife was ripped from his hands by the water and told him to look after the children before she was taken to her grave? Can't you imagine his glee and pleasure at the carnage he could have prevented? At all the lovely blood and pollution and the destruction of a great city? Can't you imagine a smirk spreading across his lips at the thought that this is just the beginning?

I can.

I do not think that George Bush is the anti-christ, I do not think there is an anti-christ. I think he is an unfeeling sociopath who has no empathy at all for anyone but himself and his friends. I think he is trained to act like he is a normal human when in fact he feels nothing but disgust towards the drowned black people he was supposed to serve and protect. Why didn't they just get in the land rover and go to their summer homes?

I wonder whether George Bush thinks he is the anti-christ? He might. He certainly consorts with people who believe that Israel must rise so it can jump start the apocalypse. I wonder whether he is excited about Katrina because he thinks the rapture draws nigh. Floods and fires. I wonder if he realizes these are not the acts of an angry god but rather the direct result of human misbehavior. I wonder if like so many other so-called Christians he cares more about rising gas prices and oil profits than about the dead bodies floating in the refinery filth.

fakingsincerity doesn't like that I accuse Bush of being an unfeeling traitor who has abdicated his responsibility to the people to pursue the interests of his friends. I say that if he doesn't like that he'll have to find some facts that point to anything different. How much of his personal fortune has Bush contributed to the relief effort? It would be interesting to know.

Congress is trying to permanently destroy the estate tax, a move that will cost the country as much as the Iraq war and that will benefit only the richest among us (The estate tax doesn't even kick in unless you have an incredible net wroth.) Meanwhile we don't know where we're going to get the money to fix up New Orleans and maintain basic federal services.

As a country we are LITERALLY choosing rich people's summer homes over poor people's lives. How many of the tax-cut lucky duckies went golfing this week? How many greens fees could have paid for a baby's formula, a diabetic's medicine, a rescue chopper to lift an old woman from a nursing home?

It's damn good that money went to golf. If you give black people disaster relief they'll just come to expect it. Make them earn their place in the world like Paris Hilton did!

If you're not sickened by this you're either heartless or not paying attention. No exceptions.
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