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Holy moodswing batman! Whoa I just got a burst of good energy. I'm really not sure why, I think it may be that I have to leave soon for the silly musical and having accepted my fate I'm no longer afraid of it. Maybe it's just those endorphins kicking in from my early morning work out with Chuck. I'm afraid that if I truly analyze it, it will go away, and I want it to stay. Is allowing yourself to be cheered by an internal process you don't understand at all similar to taking drugs? I mean I know that physiologically there is nothing wrong with enjoying your body's natural high, but I mean psychologically and spiritually. This is something that came from outside my cerebrum.

It's too bad that I can't turn this burst of energy into something creative but I gotta leave soon. Strangely, I'm okay with that. I guess the man who lives in my head and makes me feel like shit musta dozed off at his job eh? You can't tell but I'm typing all this with a Canadian accent. I've also got a used car salesman look on my face. Could it be that I'm actually enjoying listening to this soundtrack? If being a gay hick feels like this then take down my pants and point me towards my half uncle! Okay, that was uncalled for but when I get happy I also tend to get vulgar. Gotta control it. At the party a few weeks ago I said "Kick the fucker off the roof [in reference to the peyote induced halucination of a leprechaun which I implied Justin was experiencing]" in front of a girl and she did not look amused.

I hope that when I get my first kiss I don't say "Well fuck my ass and call me Cecil, that felt great" or something to the effect. I have a feeling that would not go over well.

This journal has actually been a positive experience. Two people have responded and neither of them has been negative. No French Existentialist (Ow that hurts, but keep on going, suck it up..

I can't go on coach, I gotsta throw in the towel

No you gotta keep going Benny! You can't give up now. SUCK IT UP SON! YOU CAN DO IT!) has come out of the woodwork to say "Zis, Ziz is trash. I laugh heartily at you and your meagre writing talents. You are pathetic. You are so pathetic that if I knew a stronger term meaning roughly the same thing and capable of referencing a human being in English I would use it with reference to you and without compunction! Go back to america and soil yourself! Get off the internet! I am now going to eat some wine and cheese and then fart while thinking of you" yet. That's a good sign. Maybe after that rather uncooth comment they will. I'm hyper and I'm actually a wee bit happy. This is a good thing. I leave you now and apologise for taking up your time to say all this. One last parting piece of advice:

If the carton says "Best if sold by March 10th" and the individual prepacked item says "Expiration date April 15" don't eat it in July no matter how hungry you are. Trust me on this one ;-)
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