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In the city of brotherly love a man was killed because he got a sandwich order wrong. That's right, some jackass KILLED A MAN because he fucked up the order. "I said hold the mayo! IN HELL!"

260 pounds is way too heavy to be murdering someone over food. Not that it's okay for skinny people to kill unless they're celebrities, but when you're carrying a spare tire you don't need your pastrami THAT badly. I should know. I've skimped on a few tips in restaurants so I could order something extra, and I'm not proud of it, but at least a waiter who gets a 9% tip gets to bitch about it to his friends and family. He doesn't get set out in a pine box. The things that drive people to violence are absolutely insane. A sandwich? A SANDWICH? There's no excuse for hurting another human except self defense. If you're so pissed about the sandwich that you can't control yourself then knock over the potato chip display, or scream something vulgar at the top of your lungs. Both of those are acts that you will regret later, but they can be rectified. New bags of potato chips can be bought. Words can be apologised for. When you kill someone there's nothing you can do or say to bring them back.

Where do these people come from? What goes through their minds? I haven't a clue.
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