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two hundred million guns are loaded

People keep talking about all the bad things that the United States had done and how this should be a wake-up call to us that our policies have consequences.


If you allow terrorism to have positive consequences you invite more terrorism. If you allow murder to yield compassion you invite more murder. Should be we more compassionate towards other peoples? Yes.

Should THIS shit be the cause of it? HELL NO.

America has shed blood, this is true. We've made bad decisions. But those people in the towers weren't to blame. They didn't make policy, hell they probably barely even thought about the policies. Maybe that makes them guilty by inaction, but what about the foreigners who work there? What about the children and tourists?

People are advocating mass slaugter and I don't believe that is the correct response either. I believe that we have to find out who is responsible and jail them at all costs. Then do the same to other terrorist groups who make murder and mayham a way of life.

And THEN we can start introspecting. Start questioning our actions and there ARE some that need to be questioned. A LOT that need to be questioned. But not now. Not right now.

Innocent people are dead and punishment must be dolled out because we CAN and because our government owes it to those people. The people who hate Americans tend to come from underdevloped nations run by theocrats and tyrants. These countries do more damage to their own citizens than the U.S. does with all our bombs and bluster. In Afghanistan there is opression, in Iraq there is is tyranny including the killing of Iraqis. The economic problems there stem from a thousand sources including lack of education and the fact that in Afghanistan, for example, women CAN'T work and in other countries they are discouraged from holding high positions. Maybe it's time to question whether those countries should be self governed. Whether it's best for the people and especially the opressed people and minorities.

The world is not a simple place. People were slaughtering other people LONG before America came into existance. If any other country had our power except PERHAPS Tibet, they would likely be MORE violent and less tolerant than we are. Remember the Soviet Union which killed more people in Stalin's purges than we did in all of our wars and "Military Actions."

People want us to put this all in context? Fine. Put it in context. But put it in the FULL context.

And then find the bastards and shove them in a shithole forever.
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