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Yeah yeah Iraq war death incompetence...WHAT ABOUT ME?!?!

Narcissism, raw.

Yes. The real tragedy of the Bush administration is that they keep hiring people whose names are somewhat related to that of Ari Emanuel and members of his family. Tune in next week where Ari describes the horrible aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, where his New Orleans Home lost a significant amount of his value, or the problems of the Avian Flu, which has totally fucked up his planned trip to Shanghai.

When people talk about arrogant wealthy detached liberals they only have one guy in mind, and it ain't David Robinson.

I know it's supposed to be funny, but only partially. The fact is for Ari Emanuel having a BushSlave share his name is like having a black person (and not one of the GOOD ones like Denzel or Halle Berry) move in next door. UNACCEPTABLE!
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