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Cut them up quick.

Las Vegas Mayor says Graffiti punks should have their thumbs cut off on television.

Yes. Because nothing teaches a punk to behave like mutilating him. I've always said that if you want someone to go out there and get a real job you should make sure he has no thumbs. The opportunities available to the thumbless are virtually without limit. They can be 4/5ths of a keyboard player, or an unconventional hitchhiker. For far too long hitchhikers have relied upon their thumbs to get rides. It's a crutch.

Graffiti can be annoying but what the hell is going on in our society? Haven't we moved past the point of mutilating the underclass in order to enhance our sense of moral righteousness? Hasn't this guy seen Les Miserables? Plus it's Vegas. It's fucking VEGAS. People go there to spend thousands of dollars on dice games and blow the rest on cocaine-fueled hooker binges. We're not talking Salt Lake City. Sleaze balls and criminals are your CONSTITUENCY. Do you really want to engage in bloody acts of violence against those who try to give the place some sort of character beyond pit of naked greed? I guess so.
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