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Cause that's my woman there, and I'm a man who cares, and this might be all for you. I said ExCUUUUSSSEEE me


So I let some demons out last night by posting stuff I knew wasn't true but was afraid to say. I just said it and let it hang out and experienced a catharsis that allowed me to cry about the bombing and begin some more healing. But apparently some of the people who look at the crazy rantings of this young fart took it seriously. And I'm sorry for that. I feel better though. A good deal better. I have more crying and mourning to do but I don't feel quite so isolated from myself anymore. As for my plan to cut myself off, I won't do that. I don't know what I will do about Erin but the rest of my friendships will remain intact if possible.

I feel a lot better. It's good. I think. I DID embed a subtle hint in my message of last night though. The "Some folks are born...." song's next lyric is "It ain't me." I thought that would be a clue that I wasn't really talking about myself but I guess that was too well hidden.

Anyway I'm okay and trying to cope as best I can. I have a ton to write on but I'm too tired right now.

All I can say is that Tom Wopat has turned 50 and I haven't forgotten him. Mark my words Wopat, I WILL irritate you. It's only a matter of time.
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