Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Let's have some drama

Is it just me, or would the State of the Union be the absolute best place for a President to come out of the closet? I mean the State of the Union is the speech people watch when they think they should be tuning into politics on occasion. Nothing ever gets said, nothing important ever happens, and it all ends up a giant circle jerk. Imagine the fun and games if Bush said something like "...and that's why I need every American to route all future phone calls through the Dick Cheney censorship and wildly inaccurate accusation center. Turning now to a personal note, I like having sex with boys. I've tried to deny it for years, but there are some demons that can't be overcome by randomly invading middle eastern countries. I wish I knew how to quit you Wolfowitz."

Seriously though, the state of the Union needs something to spice it up, and homosexuality would be perfect. It's hot now (see the Oscar Nominations where all actors played either gays or famous people) it's controversial (fundies still hate it) and it fits in perfectly with the George Bush we know. Think about it, judging by his past performance do you really think he's able to find Laura's G-spot? I'm pretty sure "Well maybe they trucked it to Syria" doesn't play as well in the bedroom as it does on TV. Let's face it, all that rah rah military fighter pilot stuff is compensating for something.

If just one president comes out in late January and says "The state of the Union is...FABULOUS!" It would be a great day in American history. He could even go ahead and have the White House gussied up while everyone's distracted with the blabbing. Who says the White House has to be plain white? Anyone else for Fuscia?
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