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By now everybody's heard about how a UAE backed company is taking over security for American ports. This is, of course, a spectacularly bad idea. Not only are there some (relatively minor, as these things go) links between UAE and terrorists of various stripes, but our ports are among our most vulnerable areas when it comes to terrorism. With less than 5% of incoming cargo containers actually inspected the chances of an enemy group sneaking in a nuclear bomb, or even just a bunch of normal non-nuclear weapons, is pretty damned high. Add in a security team that might have sympathies with the enemies and you have a recipe for disaster so potent it should make its way into "The Joy of Cooking: Fucking up America" edition. George W. Bush is, of course, a frequent contributor to that valued tome.

There's something incredibly depressing about just how horrible this administration is. I don't know whether they actively hate America, or they're just for sale, but they make it obvious that when it comes to smart governance they just don't give a fuck. Securing our ports should be pretty high on the "Homeland security" list. Higher than invading Iraq at least. Of course Haliburton makes more money selling dirty water to soldiers, so Iraq has that going for it.

If you made a Venn diagram of people who believe George W. Bush is protecting this country and people who think Benny Hinn can cure paralysis on live TV I'd bet the two groups would be virtually identical. How dumb do you have to be to buy this line of bullshit. It'd be one thing if the Republicans weren't running on a paranoid "The terrorists are everywhere, America is under attack" platform, but they are. Given that how can you trust a foreign power to run our ports. Oh they're our friends? Just like Saudi "We fund terrorism with your gas money, tee-hee" Arabia?

I'm going to be putting whatever money I can into the stock of the Kool-Aid company, because someone out there sure is drinking a shitload of the stuff.
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