Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters


Today I turned on my TiVo to watch one of the programs I had recorded only to find it pre-empted by a Michael Bloomberg press conference approximately 30 minutes in length. What pressing matter was this press conference on? A discussion of the recent issues surrounding management of the port of New York? A citywide emergency requiring all New Yorkers to be on the lookout for a dangerous element? Some sort of crucial labor issue with the teachers or transit union?


Michael Bloomberg took 30 minutes to tell us that some dude had contracted Anthrax but that it was not a terrorist attack.


Now maybe it's worthwhile to take a moment to re-assure the citizenry that despite what they may have heard they are not under terrorist attack. That makes sense. But 30 minutes? Just to say some guy caught anthrax from animal skins?

This is a city of 8 million people. If we stop the presses every time someone has the sniffles then the presses will not only never start again but we'll have to go back in time and make sure they never started in the first place. A guy got sick. It's sad. It's not news. We're not under attack by terrorists. This is also not news.

Sensationalism has really reached a whole new level when the media and government need to spend 30 minutes scaring the crap out of people due to the fact that TERRORISTS ARE NOT ATTACKING US RIGHT NOW.

Come to think of it, I'm starting to feel a little sick myself.
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