Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters


Does it make me a bad person that I am annoyed that a TV show I wanted to watch was pre-empted for news about the Roosevelt Island Tram getting stuck? I mean in theory I think news is more important than entertainment, but frankly this sort of news is just sensationalist crap anyway. A tram got stuck. It took 2 hours to get all the people out. Nobody died, nobody was even seriously injured. A few folks might have had to pee in public.

I couldn't care less.

People are inconvenienced all the time. People are killed all the time. Why is this news? Why should we care about these minor occurrences? I mean it may be a tragedy that Natalee Holloway died in Aruba, but is it more of a tragedy than some other 17 year old who got hit by a car driven by a drunk driver, or one who had a heart attack due to bad genetics, or one who got struck by lightning?

What's the point of watching an hour of coverage about a tram being stuck? Are we supposed to feel bad for the people stuck on the tram? Sorry, but I've suffered greater tragedies in my life than being stuck on a tram for a couple hours. Many of them probably saw it as an adventure and a story they'll be able to tell. Are we supposed to do something about it? The government had it covered. They had a rescue plan. This plan worked. Was I going to scale the tram myself and try to save people like Spiderman when the authorities had it all under control?

The way I see it much of news we get today is just sensationalist entertainment in a pretty frock. I'd rather see a well-produced TV show than an anchor trying to drum up fear and pathos over a non-event. If you want to break into my TV show to talk about a bill passing in congress or Gerrymandering or Iraq or any of the other things that are destroying our country please, go ahead. But a tram?
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