Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Looks like fun, can I go too?

Gee! It's great that the holocaust is being treated with such respect and care! I mean what's more fun than a visit to AUSCHWITZ? I'm sure that's what my German relatives were thinking when the Nazis brought them there. "YAY! Auschwitz! Yes indeed it's fun times, FUN TIMES."

See it's this kind of thing that offends me. If you want to make a joke about Auschwitz go ahead. I'm cool with that. On the other hand if you want to assign some 22 year old SHITHEAD fresh out of college to design a billboard promoting your holocaust show, at LEAST look at the thing before putting it up. Blatant commercialism like this is EXACTLY what Marx was talking about when he spoke of the alienation of capitalism. Auschwitz is just another product here, no different than "Oprah goes gardening!" or "Oprah's Vacation!" The people who put this display up didn't even stop to think that maybe a beaming smile and a bright yellow color scheme were inappropriate for the topic at hand. They don't see Auschwitz as fundamentally different from cinnamon-raisin cookies, and that's wrong.
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