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Sexy girls are dead girls.

Girls who have sex deserve to die, don't you think?

The great thing about this country is that we're so fucked in the head that when we hear "We can save up to 4,000 women's lives per year!" we immediately think "FUCK! But what if they have sex?" As if women having sex is some huge problem.

I'm pretty sure conservatives are doing it wrong. I haven't had a lot of sex in my life, but whenever I have engaged in activities that have brought me in intimate contact with a woman I haven't immediately thought "Fuck! I wish this girl was too afraid of getting cancer to have sex with me." In fact I'd say that was pretty low on the list of thoughts running through my mind.

Let me lay some truth out there. For the majority of men it is FUN to have sex with women and girls (though you should stop having sex with girls at the appropriate age....yadayada). Things that allow women and girls to have more sex with fewer consequences serve not only to improve their lives, but to INCREASE OUR CHANCES OF ENJOYING OURSELVES. If you are a straight man you probably spend a good deal of time thinking about putting your penis into the vaginae, mouths, and/or anuses of women. Since nobody has yet figured out a way to do this without the involvement of women, it is a good thing when something happens that makes it safer/easier for them to oblige you.

If, on the other hand, your value system says that it's better to keep women from having fun than it is to have fun WITH them...well...your value system is ALL FUCKED UP. How much fun is it, really, to expend enormous amounts of energy telling a woman to ignore her natural urges and not have any sexual fun? Wouldn't that energy be better spent trying to convince her to let you stick it in her butt?

P.S. Human rights, gender equality, saving lives...yaddayaddayadda.
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