Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Good old USA

So now we're talking about spraying a fungus that could blind people and kill malnourished children all over the Colombian countryside? That's HILARIOUS. And by hilarious I mean darkly disturbing and enraging.

This is exactly what real conservatives (The type we had before they all sold out to Enron and became what the modern Republican party is now) were talking about when they spoke on the dangers of big government. Eventually someone is going to decide that "God damn it something has to be done about the cocaine!" and some fucking moron from Indiana is going to have a "Big idea" and it all goes to hell.

Here's a thought...why don't we hold off on spraying other countries with poison until our country is...oh...vaguely functional? Why don't we stop bothering people who want to take drugs and focus on the important shit. Like how we're going to get out of Iraq without re-redestroying the country. Like how we're going to deal with our massive crushing national debt. Like getting our educational system functional and getting a handle on global warming?

Oh right. Some prick from Indiana would rather blind Colombian children. Carry on then.
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