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Fuck sad people

I fucking hate sad people. Especially sad historical figures. This might seem a little harsh, but I think it's totally justified. Why? Because those motherfuckers have used up all the good complaints about why life's so hard. They turned "Nobody understand me" into a cliche. Dicks! You know what happened when the first person said "Nobody understand me?" Everyone else was like "Ahhh. That's horrible. I feel for you, man, I really feel for you." Now if you say it people are like "Whatever, go listen to some EMO." EVEN IF IT'S TRUE. So the first misunderstood DICKS fucked it up for the rest of us.

And Emily Dickinson. She lived a life of misery and regret writing important poetry that nobody would read while she lived. How are we supposed to compete with that? It makes complaining about my lot in life HARD, even when I'm unhappy. "At least you're not Emily Dickinson." FUCK EMILY DICKINSON! SHE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN SOME PROZAC SO PEOPLE WOULD CARE ABOUT MY PAIN!

These historical sad people really fucked me over. I won't forget it either. At least I can complain about being pre-empted in my sadness. That's something they don't have. They can't take that shit away.
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