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I can't stand the hippity hop

I get migraine headaches. They are incredibly painful and relatively debilitating, and they tend to come in bouts, one or two a week for a couple months and then none for awhile. That being said there is no particular rhyme nor reason to the specific dates/times when they come, and I have no way of predicting what will bring one on. I do, however, have a decent concept of how to make them worse. One thing stands out above all others in this regard.

Modern music.

Now I'm not talking about rock or soul or light electronica. I can listen to Gnarls Barkley* all day and it's pleasant and soothing. But put on some rap or heavy electronic music and it's like taking a drill to my head. It's so bad, in fact, that even when I'm not having a migraine just hearing those genres of music will give me pangs of pain. It's physically unpleasant. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe the heavy bass beats, maybe something in the lack of melodic construction, maybe something else, but it really really sucks. It's not all rap that does this, Run DMC and Public Enemy are fine, but the recent stuff...oof.

This is one of the many reasons I don't like most parties. They play "Dance" music that makes me feel like someone's whacking me in the skull with a crowbar.

*For some reason Itunes has Gnarls Barkley under rap/hip-hop. I do not understand this. Cee-Lo may be an accomplished rapper, but in GB he mostly SINGS and he SINGS well. I would probably put it under pop.
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