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I survived Annie Get Your Gun and all I got was this Lousy journal topic.

Well it wasn't too bad. It helped that I was able to go with a relatively positive attitude. I was a little worried because there was nobody sitting in front of me so the performers could see my face clearly, but other than what I think was a brief glare from Tom Wopat because I was breathing loudly (I have a cold you sick minded freaks!) nobody publicly denounced me. I don't care if Tom Wopat doesn't like me, he was a Duke of Hazard, he knows nothing of class.

I actually kinda liked the show. It went by really quickly and there was this grandmother whispering to her grandaughter next to me the whole time so I didn't feel like I was the most obnoxious or ill behaved person there (I love when people around me do bad stuff :-D as long as it's not too bad) Overall not too lousy an experience and I'm kinda proud that I managed to get everything done by myself. It doesn't take a genius to book tickets or anything but I got down there in plenty of time and I even asked a guy for directions because the doors to the theatre were locked (We had to go around.) Asking for directions takes guts!

Anyway I should look for my Art book and read some of the assignments before I go to class. I will get my paper on AGYG done in time but my other paper is going to be late. Oh well, not much I can do about it right? Now there's not much to do but wait for the next mini crisis to arrive.
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