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Some of you may not follow competitive bicycling (WHO ARE YOU?! I DON'T KNOW YOU! I DON'T KNOW YOU!) but you've probably heard of Lance Armstrong. Well today MORE accusations have come out that he's dirty. And not just a little dirty either. Not just blood-doping dirty. "Threaten another guy's family, livelihood, and life" dirty, which is pretty damned dirty.

Of course he's also rich, famous, and worshiped for his triumph over cancer and cornholing of Sheryl Crow.

So my question to you, FOLKS, is...what's more important, your personal integrity and view of yourself or your place in the world. Would you rather do it the right way and end up a pauper or do it dirty and wind up with the world on a string. Would you rather be a good guy thought a villain or a villain who everyone thinks is the cat's P.J.s

Two polls follow, one public, one private, in that order. Feel free to vote in one, or both. Feel free to call me a cuntrag in the comments. Feel free to dance like nobody's watching, even though we are. Oh yes, make no mistake. We are. WE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING.

Poll #756410 What would you rather be

Would you rather be dirty cheater Lance Armstrong or Integrity filled you?

Sirrah, morality is far more important than worldly possessions and acclaim. As long as I know I did it the right way I can ask for no more.
A little edge is okay, so long as I'm cleaner than most.
I'd cheat to the mean. There's no shame in leveling the playing field.
I'd do what it takes to get ahead so long as it's not super dangerous
Win. At any cost. Yes. ANY cost.

Poll #756411 The REAL poll

And what do you say when NOBODY CAN SEE YOUR ANSWER?

Clean as a whistle!
I likes it a little dirty
I'm Joe/sephine fucking average
I like sex and vein candy
Other people exist simply so I will have a decent pool of groupies to choose from and competitors to humiliate
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