Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Confess and pay the price

I'm all for treating suspected terrorists with respect and dignity, but if you are an ADMITTED terrorist or murderer, in my opinion you relinquish the right to whine about minor mistreatment by the authorities. "They didn't take me out for walkies enough"

Shut up fucker, you KILLED PEOPLE. You claim to have killed THOUSANDS. You don't get to turn around and say "THEY'RE NOT PLAYING BY THE RULES, WAH WAH WAH"

Fucking sociopath.

I'm sorry, but while I don't believe in capital punishment or torture I DO believe that people who try and take advantage of civilized societies while acting like bloodthirsty animals have about as much credibility as a Millie Vanillie comeback.

Either you whine like a little bitch and proclaim yourself innocent and hurl yourself on the mercy of the court or you MAN UP and take the consequences. You don't get to say "Yeah I killed them. But look how I am being treated now. My PEAS are cold. They are SERVING ME COLD PEAS!"
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