Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Baby mama drama

Okay, the phrase "Baby mama/daddy" is OFFICIALLY out of control. It was one thing when it was restrained to the linguistic ghettos of the street and popular culture, but now it is starting to invade the hallowed halls of actual literary institutions. And it's horrible.

Not because it legitimizes non-partnered parenting. Because it's ungrammatical and INACCURATE! It was one thing when it was "Baby's mama" as it started, but to drop the possessive? *insert voice of Wallace Shawn* INCONCEIVABLE!

Also many of the children being discussed are NOT BABIES. You are not the baby mama of a 6 year old. You are the CHILD'S MOTHER!

We can't just start dropping possessives willy nilly. Where will it end? It won't. I am boycotting any publication that legitimizes the unforgivably ungrammatical nature of this phrase, and I request that y'all do the same.

Poll #759421 Call it like you see it

What to call the other parent of a person's child?

Dame/Sire of his/her bastard offspring
Co-Parent to his/her child
Child's mother/father
Baby's mama/daddy
Baby mama/daddy
*unintelligible grunting that cannot be recognized as speech*
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