Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Well, at least he never paid taxes

So Ken Lay is apparently dead. I do not cheer the death of any other human being, no matter how nefarious he may be. On the other hand, is it just me or could this smack of conspiracy? I mean if someone had suggested that scenario a few years ago "They'll let him live for a few years, put him on trial, and then off him before anything truly damaging comes out." it would have been fully believable, right? I'm not saying that Ken Lay WAS murdered to protect the vast right wing conspiracy. I have no proof.

I'm just saying it's awfully convenient. The Enron "problem" is now wrapped up with a nice little bow and why probe deeper into the fact that one of our president's best friends intentionally and openly defrauded the state of California and its customers out of greed and then 'allowed' his company to be looted down to the pension plan under his watch? America's Got Talent is on tonight!


Imagine being the priest at Ken Lay's funeral. "He was a loving husband. A good father. He built a company out of nothing to be one of the most powerful in the world. And then...*awkward pause* He's with God now."


God hates Aunt Millie as much as Lay's Enron lackies did?
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