Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Drrty secrets

Orin Hatch pulls strings to bring druggie producer back home.

One of the dirty little secrets in Washington is that nobody ACTUALLY believes in the War On Drugs, with the possible exception of loony tunes fringe-dwellers. Everybody sort of acknowledges that treatment and even tolerance are the best things for low-level non-violent offenders. But nobody has the nads to actually SAY this because the big grandstanding "WAR ON DRUGS" line plays better in Peoria.

If our politicians weren't as crooked as the day is long they'd legalize pot, set up regulations on it like they have on alcohol, and consider doing the same with harder drugs. They'd stop sending non-violent offenders to prison and instead give them treatment. This would save the country TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars (mostly on the state level) and make it so that America didn't have the highest level of incarceration in the known world.

But they won't do it. Why? Because it's not expedient. And that's fucking shameful.

See I have no problem with the U.S. government interceding on behalf of citizens abroad who've been arrested for drug possession, but we shouldn't be doing so while we ALSO lock up millions upon millions of people for the SAME FUCKING THING. It's not just the height of hypocrisy, it's counterproductive.
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