Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
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Boom Boom Buttfuttski

Kirk Cameron is trying to save your soul with the help of Ray Comfort.

Based on his mustache and accent, I am about 85% certain that he spent the 70s as a performer in Australian gay gang bang videos, under the name Ray "Boom Boom" Buttfuttski. I have no proof of this, but it seems the only logical reason why he would keep the 'stache.

While as far as I know Mr. Comfort is not a practitioner of cuddle therapy I feel fairly certain that he approves of the ex-gay movement. Numerous sources have reported him telling unrepentant homosexuals "You are going to hell. I must save you. Now go to the men's room and wait for me in the first stall. I will be in shortly to give you a private lesson." Plus he's VERY comfortable with a banana. I mean really really comfortable. I mean scarily comfortable. And he gets his statistics out of TV Guide. Which is probably the sort of thing ex-porn star evangelicals do.

Is This 'Boom Boom' Buttfuttski?

Any gay readers who may have seen him in early porn videos, please share titles and dates so we can all have a chance to watch him in his younger performing days, before he started claiming that the banana was the "Atheist's nightmare."

Poll #765523 Boom Boom Boom

Is Ray Comfort the same man as Ray "Boom Boom" Buttfuttski?

Almost Certainly
Seems Likely
Probably Not
Oh Hell Yes!

What was "Boom Boom" Buttfuttski's most popular pornographic movie?

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