Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Israel is going to launch us into World War III

Normally I am probably a little more pro-Israel than logic would support, but this time I don't think anyone can rationally defend the actions of that country. Yes the kidnapping of soldiers is an atrocious act and yes it deserves a reprisal, but there needs to be some sort of sense of scale and of justice. If you want to bomb Hezbollah's headquarters and the homes of its leadership, go ahead, the Hezzies deserve it. They are murderous scum. But when you go after infrastructure you fuck over the innocent just as much as the guilty, and you make it harder for the good people to get control of the situation.

This shit is out of control. It's just perpetuating the cycle of death and destruction, and SOMEONE needs to step up and fucking act like an adult. But nobody does. Instead it's all baby bullshit. It seems like the entire Middle East operates at the moral level of a kindergarten class. A kindergarten class of psychopaths.

I get so depressed when this shit happens, I can barely even be bothered to care about ANYTHING. It just seems so pointless to try and deal with art and politics and science in a world where this kind of stupidity and BULLSHIT ruins so many lives, and is given so much power and legitimacy by the legions of morons who adhere to it. It makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me sick to my heart. I don't really "get" violence. Why would you want to kill another human being? It's inconceivable. Why would you want to cause that kind of pain and destruction? For what? FOR WHAT?

My tears are of impotent rage and anguish.
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