Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

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I am not happy right now.

I am NOT fucking happy.

Everything in the world is conspiring to annoy me right now. There are roaches swarming around my cat's food, but I can't leave her without water or nourishment in this heat (If I did she'd just start rubbing her body against me until she got fed.) Then the cat food fell out of the FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT FRIDGE when I opened the GODDAMNED DOOR. I'm HUNGRY AS HELL even though I've eaten. My weight's not going down even though I've kept myself HUNGRY AS HELL and been working out. When I try and treadmill the GODDAMNED REMOTE falls off the FUCKING MACHINE. My PIECE OF SHIT COMPUTER keeps getting goddamned MEMORY LEAKS From FIREFOX and slowing to a crawl so I have to reboot, forcing me to reopen all the shitty ass websites I'm working on (I'm spending today getting my resume in order, working out, and dealing with some financial issues, mostly paring down any random subscriptions to websites I have and dealing with my credit card situation, which is mostly a pain in the ass because of the number of cards.) My foot hurts from the nail I stepped on yesterday, I'm sticky and hot but can't shower until I workout, I'm thirsty as fuck but all the drinks just irritate me, I'm just in a BAD FUCKING MOOD.

And to top it all off my friend with whom I'm working to get shit together for film school applications is in an even WORSE MOOD and signed off on me while I was trying to arrange an ACTION PLAN via AIM.

Days like this I just want to grab a sledgehammer and start smashing shit, but I DO NOT OWN A SLEDGEHAMMER and CANNOT AFFORD TO REPLACE THE SHIT I WOULD SMASH so instead I just end up screaming expletives and writing BORING LIVEJOURNAL POSTS about how FUCKING PISSED OFF I AM.

When I was like 14 a friend of mine broke every breakable item in his house and got sent to a sanitarium for awhile. I KNOW HOW HE FELT AND I UNDERSTAND WHY HE FUCKING DID IT!!!!

GAH! This isn't even helping. I need to like...I don't know. When I move out of this dump I am SO getting a punching bag and I will RUIN MY WRISTS whacking away at it and IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

This is my MISTER ANGRY SIDE and HE IS UNLEASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Low frustration tolerance.
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