Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Obv obv obv?

Mel Gibson is an anti-semite.

Oh he can apologize and blame booze and do whatever else he wants to try and escape that label, but that doesn't make him less of an anti-semite. While buzzed on booze he claimed that Jews start all the wars in the world (marlowe1 clearly started the Falklands conflict, but he's and accused a perfectly innocent cop of being a horned money-grubbing Hebrew.

This makes him an anti-semite. If I had a sixpack of Coors and got pulled over only to tell the officer "I may be guilty but I'm not being taken to jail by no nigger cop" I would be an anti-black racist. If I don't do that while sober, well, that just means I hide it. So in general Mel Gibson is a well-behaved anti-semite.

Of course this comes as no surprise to the Jewish community, who pegged him as a Jew hater when he came out with his snuff film in 2004. It was an anti-semitic film from a man who grew up in an anti-semitic church. No big shock. But Gibson denied like crazy and eventually the right wing managed to push the issue aside and say that the Jews were just acting "Batshit Jew crazy." Now we have proof that Gibson's an anti-semite, but the rightwing won that round.

Anyway, the fact that Mel Gibson hates Jews shouldn't stop him from working in Hollywood. There are lots of racists and sexists in all positions of power. Heck there are rapists and sexual molesters in our government, running our companies, and teaching in our schools. Bad people sometimes do good stuff.

In fact, I don't think Mel Gibson should have to hide the fact that he hates Der Juden. I think that he should be able to say "I don't like Jews" out loud and not be condemned for it. By pushing bigotry and hate underground we empower it, because bigots don't have to really deal with the fallout from their opinions (such as those awkward moments at Ari Emanuel's cocktail parties) nor do they have to deal with people trying to change their minds when their bigotry is secret. Mel Gibson will apologize all over the place and go back to being a closet bigot, and America's necessary discussion on race and sex and prejudice will be put on hold once again. I think Mr. Gibson should just say "I hate Jews and I'm proud" and our society should have to DEAL with it. It's much healthier when shit, even smelly smelly shit, is out in the open.
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