Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Big Gibs

Mel Gibson has finally made his real apology for the things he said during his arrest in Malibu. It's a decent apology as these things go. Of course it's probably complete bullshit, but that's the problem with letting the cat out of the bag. It's hard to get her back in.

The question of whether to forgive Mel or not is an interesting one (putting aside the fact that he doesn't give a dime what any of us thinks of him, and he's got a lot of dimes.) On the one hand he's offered an appropriate apology and wants to put the whole sordid business behind him. On the other hand he's probably doing so at the urging of his publicist and in the hopes of salvaging his movie career. Personally I say he might as well be taken at face value, after all we all deserve a second chance, and a third one, and a fourth one. But if he were a politician this is the sort of thing I would NOT forgive, and would certainly not forget.

Either way, it's time to move beyond Mel Gibson and back to the huge clusterfuck that is the Middle East. I know that by making this post I only contribute to Mel-Mania, but frankly I do so for the same reason newspapers were so glad to glom on to him. This is a pretty simple issue with pretty simple solutions. The Middle East? Not so much.

One of the reasons celebrity news is NICE is because it's not overly taxing. You can say "Oh no he didn't!" or "I really like her" and move on. Try reading about Lebanon or Iraq and you get into nuance and confusion and no matter how well laid our your explanation is, you DON'T understand all of it. Nobody does. It's the aggregated actions of thousands of people, some of them dead, boiling over. We can say we get it, but we don't.

And so it's nice to read about an actor calling someone sugartits and then apologizing and going to rehab. That is highly grockable.
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