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There's something happening here

Media coverage of the outbreak of violence and near violence in the Middle East and England has been interesting, to say the least. Perhaps most fascinating has been the coverage of the failed plot to blow up airliners coming from England to the U.S. It's mostly been about the inconvenient new rules regarding what you can and cannot take onto airplanes. Those rules may be onerous and ill-advised, but are they really the story here? A bunch of people concocted a plot to equal the carnage of September 11th, and unlike some other so called "terrorists" these guys may actually have had a shot of pulling it off. One team apparently consisted of two young parents and their six month old baby, who was going to be an accessory via his formula bottle.

Is it just a lack of information? Is it that we're so self-centered we care more about airport delays than plots to massacre civilians? Have we become so used to terrorism that it's just "Yawn, wake me when someone actually DIES?"

The media has also made some interesting choices regarding the war between Israel and Hezbollah. The numerous fabricated photos aside, the vast VAST majority of the reporting seems to be about the damage done to Beirut and other areas of Lebanon with virtually no reporting, other than a few side notes, about the attacks on Israel. I do not think I have seen a single picture of an Israeli body or a house damaged by a rocket, even though it's almost certainly easier to take pictures in Israel than it is in Hezzie land, where gunmen take journalists' passports and threaten violence if the stories aren't to their liking.

Lest we all forget, the whole thing started when Hezbollah attacked a bunch of Israeli soldiers for no reason other than that they're bloodthirsty and wanted to start a conflict, and that Hezbollah rained as many rockets as it could down on Israeli citizens throughout the war.

Maybe I've been reading too many rightwing websites, but where's the outrage at the terrorists? I mean yeah, we can and should condemn Israeli when it kills civilians and for its stubbornness in various activities, but where's the outrage towards Hezbollah, which is an organization very similar to Al Qaeda, and one that has killed more Americans than any other terrorist group BESIDES Al Qaeda?

Hezbollah has already talked about violating the terms of the ceasefire, terms they agreed upon. They refuse to disarm. Just as they did not disarm after the U.N. demanded it a couple years ago.

Where is the condemnation for these cowardly murderers?

Not to sound anti-Islamic, but it seems like virtually every conflagration going on across the globe has some sort of Muslim angle. The Israel Mess. The war in Iraq (both between the U.S. and insurgents and the civil war) The war in Chechnya. The Sudanese slaughter. There are other conflicts that don't involve religion at all, like the stuff going on in the Congo and some other African civil wars that are always raging, but there are a lot of soldiers whose likes include ululation and oppressing womenfolk. Why do you suppose that is?

Why do we fight?

Muslims are mistreated and misunderstood around the globe
Backlash against the imperialists
Muslims make up a large proportion of the world's population
Co-antagonism between Islamic societies and the west, stemming from diverse causes including oil and economics
Radical Muslim groups seek to incite war and conflict
The Koran's claims of Muslim world hegemony and the status of dhimmis makes it hard for Muslims and non-Muslims to get along
Cold War II between the U.S. and Iran/Clash of Civilizations
Islam is inherently violent
Who cares? Nuke em all
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