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In a twist from the banking screw up with the checking accounts, I recently had an error go in my favor. I went down to B&H, a big audiovisual store run by Jews in New York and bought a tripod. It cost $300 (it's really nice) and I paid via debit card. When I checked my bank account a week and a half later the money had not been removed. It appears that I somehow got my tripod for free.

Now it's POSSIBLE I'm misremembering and I actually charged it to a credit card. It's also possible that there was some promotion of some sort going on (Visa Magic Moments or whatever) and I just got lucky. Most likely what happened was that the guy who swiped my card somehow screwed up (He swiped it as a credit card not a debit card, and I signed my name rather than inputting my Pin.)

Obviously the next thing I will do is wait for about a month to make sure the charge doesn't show up anywhere. IF, however, it does not, what is ethically required of me?

Poll #809423 What to do?

What is to be done?

Go down there with $300, turn it over, and beg their forgiveness
Call them and tell them about the error, but also tell them that they have to figure out a way to fix it
Feel guilty but don't do anything
Feel lucky that this time the error went in the consumer's favor
Try to figure out how to replicate the event.

This is a large store, but not a chain. It's also a place I have shopped before. I acted in good faith.

Modern banking ain't what it should be.
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