Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Weird New York Moments

I went to vote in the Democratic Primary today, and who should be hanging around outside the poling place but Susan Sarandon. When you see a celebrity like that there's this moment of recognition "Hey, I know you!" and then the moment when you realize no, you don't, you've just seen her in dozens of movies.

This sort of thing happens less frequently in New York than it does in L.A., making it a little more surreal and confusing. You'll go for months without seeing anyone particularly famous and then one day Matt Damon will poke his head into your office and ask for help finding the office he's looking for, or Susan Sarandon will be chatting in your poling place, uptown where one wouldn't expect her to be. It's a little unsettling. Of course as New Yorkers we don't ask for autographs or say "I loved you in..." We just walk past, because, why WOULDN'T Susan Sarandon want to be hanging out in Morningside Heights?

She's incredibly gorgeous in person. That's predictable.

Also my dad's still registered to vote in NYC. He's been dead 12 years. Is there a Kennedy running?

P.S. If you want to go celebrity HUNTING in New York it's easy to find them. Go to super expensive restaurants, or, of course, Broadway haunts. It's the casual unexpected encounters that are jarring, not the "I saw Matthew Broderick exiting the theater" ones.
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